Simcoe County Amateur Radio Enthusiasts

7th Annual Simcoe County Hamfest

Saturday September 17th, 2022

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Grenfel Community Center

1989 Sunnidale Road, Springwater Township

Talk In, 146.55 Mhz Simplex

Free Admission, Vendors $5.00

Last year's covid edition of the Simcoe County Hamfest was a great success, thank you

to all who participated and a special thanks to those who contributed to the Grenfel

Community Center fund.

This year admission is still free and vendors only $5.00. Again we are asking for

donations to the Grenfel Community Center fund without whose generosity this event

would not be possible.

The Simcoe County Amateur Radio Enthusiasts will be providing the talk in station on

146.55 Mhz Simplex and the refreshments.

Vendors, bring your own tables and chairs or tailgate as you like. If the weather is wet,

there is lots of room in the rink. Set up starts 8:00 AM.

The rules are simple, respect the site, it's neighbors and each other by being clean and

quiet. Vendors, if you don't sell it, it goes home with you. No dumping. Visitors, respect

the setup time, opening is 9:00 AM

Oh, I forgot the most important rule, Have fun and enjoy yourself!

Best Regards, 73

Brant Smith, VE3UME


Welcome, lets make waves

S  imcoe

C  ounty

A  mateur

R  adio

E  nthusiasts